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Saturday 23-Feb-2019

... by: numpl_npm

By Andrew's Solver with Bssics and Unit Forcing Chains,

-68AB2 => contradiction
-68DE2 => contradiction
So -68HJ2

+3H7 => contradiction
So 3 in G89

+23G89 => contradiction
+34G89 => contradiction

+13G89 => solved

Saturday 23-Feb-2019

... by: Frans Goosens

With trial and error

Combination A2=468 and E9=235

A2=4 E9=2 No solution, Fixed

Combination 2-digits cells

B4=6 No solution, Undo calculation
B4=7 No solution, Undo calculation
C9=3 Wrong, Undo calculation
C9=4 No solution, Fixed
F1=5 No solution, Undo calculation
F1=7 Wrong, Undo calculation
F1=5 No solution, Fixed
B4=6 Wrong, Undo calculation
B4=7 No solution, Fixed
B8=2 Wrong, Undo calculation
B8=8 Wrong, Undo calculation

All reset to initial position

A2=4 E9=3 No solution, Fixed

Combination 2-digits cells

A8=7 Wrong, Undo calculation
A8=8 ( A7=7 ) Solved,

100 020 009-------------146 325 789
300 004 500-------------389 764 512
050 000 060-------------752 198 364

200 030 000-------------217 639 845
004 001 000-------------864 251 973
090 800 006-------------593 847 126

070 900 600-------------475 982 631
000 000 058-------------931 476 258
000 003 097-------------628 513 497

Total solving time is : 160 sec.
Number of logical steps is : 22379

Saturday 23-Feb-2019

... by: jkl

100% right Neil. This site becomes really boring. But it is nature laws…

Saturday 23-Feb-2019

... by: Neil

C5=9, b8=1 to solution.

This puzzle is on the second anniversary of the first isomorph of Champagne Dry (U240). Since that puzzle, the majority of the posted puzzles have also been isomorphs of CD. Admittedly, there have been others during these two years which were not isomorphs.

I would prefer a bit more variety in the puzzles posted. Does anyone else agree.

Best regards



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